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UT3 Linux client binary not in the box

by on16 October 2007


Will be available for download after release


Epic managed to get the demo for “Unreal Tournament 3” out the door, but the latest reports say that the Linux client binary that was supposed to be included on the UT3 DVD will not be ready in time to be included in the box.

Ryan Gordon, who is leading the charge within Epic handling the client and server ports for both the Linux and Mac platforms, has indicated that the Linux client will be available for download after the game’s release.
The Linux client for UT3 will be optimized to take advantage of multi-core processors, but currently there are no plans to offer a 64-bit version of UT3 for Linux. Still, Gordon has indicated that if time is available, he still might try to produce a 64-bit version for the Linux platform.

No specific information was mentioned about the Mac version of UT3, but we expect to hear more about the plans for a Mac release after the PC, Linux, and PS3 versions are released. We suspect that Mac build may even beat the PS3 version out the door.

Last modified on 16 October 2007
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