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Nvidia spent 4 million for Crysis

by on30 November 2007


Exclusive deal

We learned that Nvidia spent about four million dollars to get the exclusive rights for Crysis, and the sad thing is that the game doesn’t perform exceptionally well during gaming.

Nvidia didn't even get the Halo effect by spending so much money, as everyone knows that all good games are under The Way It’s Meant To Be Played cap, and that there is nothing that you can do about it. ATI lost this game developers' / publisher petting market a long time ago, just as well as the red company lost the high-end battle.

ATI once spent a bit less to bundle Half Life 2 vouchers and this worked really well for ATI back then, as many people bough 9800 and 9600 cards simply because of the free Half Life 2.  Nvidia gave the rights to EVGA to bundle the game with their card, at an additional fee, of course, and if it came free with every Geforce 8800 series it would probably make much more of an impact. We are sure that Electronic Arts didn’t want to lose this market and wanted to gain a profit from millions of proud 8800 series owners.  

Well, at least we can say that Nvidia is doing financially very well, and it didn’t gave Call of Duty 4 that much money; but the game turned out much better than anyone has expected. However you turn it, Nvidia wins. 

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