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Women still love Tetris

by on04 January 2008

Who needs Crysis?


If you're a hardcore gamer (and you probably wouldn't be here, if you weren't one), you're probably thinking "Who the heck is playing Tetris in this day and age?!"

Well, according to The Casual Games Association Annual Report, last year was a huge success for this segment. The total revenue surpassed US $2.25 billion, and represents an increase of around 20 percent compared to 2006.

There's still the "who" from the start of the story to address. Hardcore gamers? Not a chance. Just imagine yourself playing a game of Solitaire while waiting for the barrel of your AK-47 to cool down. Don't think so.

Over 75 percent of consumers who opt for those simple (yet mind crunching) games are women, and their average age is 35. They play them at work, on breaks, sometimes during working hours, which is something bosses don't take kindly to. They also tend to take their gaming home from work, as a substitute for TV. Considering the quality of TV shows lately, Tetris surely does sound like a fun alternative to the tube. So, the point of such games isn't to score as many headshots, frags, get more skills, but just to relax.

Well, if you need something like Tetris to unwind after a busy day, be our guest. We, on the other hand, are off to check whether the gun barrel is cold enough to start settling some scores...


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