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Crysis patch gives 10 FPS more

by on09 January 2008


UPDATED: Looks like isolated case


Our close friend tried the first Crytek patch and got very interesting results. Apparently, this patch brings an improvement of 10 FPS.

The testbed consisted of AMD 3500+ single core processor, EVGA Geforce 8800GT SuperClocked, 1GB of DDR400 memory, and sound a was done over an X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card. The bottom line is that the mentioned testbed produced maximum of 22 FPS before the 1.1 patch, and 32 after it got patched. The game was set to work on medium settings and at 1024x768 resolution. After all, we are talking about a single core processor.

Looks like it paid off to wait for this patch since the guys from Crytek did a good job with it. Of course, this was done under Windows XP. We don't know if this is an isolated case, and we certainly hope it's not. Our readers are welcome to send their results to our email.


Unfortunately we have to report that it looks like this is an isolated case after all. According to the emails that we received on this subject, there is no significant performance gain with the new Crysis 1.1 patch. The explanation might be the fact that patch boosts performance only on the single core, or maybe just AMD single core. So if you had 20 FPS you might end up having max of 30 FPS after you patch the game.

Windows Vista performance is equal to none, again according to our readers. Our readers are mostly annoyed by the fact that Crytek delayed the patch this long but didn't fix all the problems that most of the people are reporting. The mentioned patch doesn't even work or more precisely fails to install.

After all it looks like Crytek has a long way ahead of it and much more patching to do.

Last modified on 10 January 2008
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