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Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory coming out

by on15 January 2008


Coming Soon: In U.S. on 10th of March

Here’s some good news for all Sudden Strike fans. The third sequel for this game has been announced a couple of times, then cancelled, and announced over again to be cancelled, but this time it seems we’ve got a locked date, and it is the 10th of March 2008. This is the date for the U.S. market, and we’re hoping that Europeans will get theirs by the end of March.


Just like in two prequels, you’ll chose among two campaigns – axis or allied troops in WWII. Within the campaigns you will find all the major battles, such asD Day in Normandy, as well as The Battle for Iwo Jima between the U.S. and Japanese forces.


Visually, the game looks better; 2D has finally been abandoned, but you shouldn’t expect much, as the focus of Sudden Strike has never been on graphics.


Another novelty in the game is that now you will be able to commandere naval and air forces, as well. The maps will stretch to 64 square kilometers, so maneuvering space for strategic tricks will not be lacking. The game will again require maximum concentration and tactical planning before every move, and every mistake will cost you dearly.

You can find more info, and download a demo of the game on the official website 

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