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Midway in trouble

by on16 January 2008


Employees jumping ship

Midway has announced that Thomas Powel, VP and Financial Officer, has left the company, supposedly to work for another company. He's not alone, though, as Steve Allison, their main Marketing chap, is also leaving; but he will oversee the operations until the end of March.

Thomas Powel's successor has not yet been named, and a couple of employees will get unexpected promotions. Allison's spot will be filled by Mona Hamilton, who came to Midway in 2003 from Ubisoft, and she'll be in charge of all the marketing activities in America. Lee Jacobson and Ryan O'Desky will also get additional tasks, and Midway hopes that will be enough. 

The reason for this is unknown, and a question arises whether Midway is going to face a crisis period, or whether this is just a simple rotation of personnel. Anyway, we'll definitely know in a little while.

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Last modified on 17 January 2008
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