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Online players of COD4 are having issues

by on13 November 2007


Infinity Ward aware of the issues and looking for a solution

It seems
that Call of Duty 4 is all the rage at the moment for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC gamers, but users on both platforms are reporting a variety of problems with online play.

Current issues include slow progress when the game is downloading settings and long wait times during the match making progress. Reports suggest that the wait can be up to 30 minutes. This issue has said to have been fixed for those on Xbox Live with a system-wide issued update.

Infinity Ward is upgrading and adding server hardware to deal with some of the back-end issues that have been causing problems. Those PC COD4 players that are having problems are suggested to go into the COD4 console and type: /cl_connectionattempts 60   While this is a temporary workaround, it should help the situation while developers run down the issue.

Last modified on 13 November 2007
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