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Could Duke Nukem finally ship in 2008?

by on07 February 2008


Where have we heard this before?

It seems that a Dallas Business Journal report claims that much delayed Duke Nukem Forever will finally ship in 2008. Since we have seen the new trailer that just came out of nowhere, it does seem that finally 3D Realms might be on track to deliver the title.

While we still don’t know which platforms the title would be released for, it seems logical that it will be the big three, which would be the PC, 360, and PS3. While the Dallas Business Journal claims to have received confirmation from 3D Realms President, Scott Miller. 3D Realms is now claiming through Shacknews that it never confirmed a release schedule in the interview.

While it is possible, at least we are still  thinking that it is possible, that we might finally see Duke Nukem Forever in 2008, though we would not bet the farm on it. According to 3D Realms CEO, George Broussard, the version of the game that was shown in the trailer has been in development since 2004. With all of the time that 3D Realms has spent developing this title, it is likely best at this point that they refrain from confirming anything until they are 100% sure that the title is going to ship.

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Last modified on 11 February 2008
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