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Battlefield 2142 1.40 patch released

by on14 November 2007

Problems with the patch ensue

It seems when it comes to the Battlefield series, EA and DICE just can’t catch a break. Joy was abundant this afternoon when DICE released word that the final version of the 1.40 patch for Battlefield 2142 was released. The joy quickly turned to rage when, after downloading and applying the 1.40 patch from one of the suggested mirrors, players started receiving messages that a new patch was available for download and that the player had to connect to EA’s Link to get the latest patch. If players ignored the warning and clicked cancel, then went into the server browser there were no servers to be found with the latest version of the patch running.

We tried this ourselves and were hit with the same problem. After uninstalling the entire Battlefield 2142 game and downloading the patch again from EA’s FTP server (which took forever) things finally started working and the error went away, and the 1.40 servers started showing up in the server browser.

For those wishing to update to the 1.40 patch, we suggest that you first make a backup copy of your Battlefield 2142 directory. Then, download the patch from EA directly only. It seems that multiple versions of the patch are floating around and only some of them work correctly. You can tell if you don’t have the right patch if, when you attempt to install it, it says that it is the 1.25 patch (even if the filename says that it is the 1.40 patch, it is the wrong version of the patch). The correct version of the 1.40 patch will identify itself as the 1.40 patch after you select your language after running the file.

EA did pull the patch from its servers at one point, but as far as we can tell it seems to be back online now with the corrected version of the 1.40 patch. It is a mystery to us how this could have happened. We are surprised that as long as it took EA to get the 1.40 patch out the door that it could still be this much of a mess after three beta versions prior to final release. It just seems that DICE can’t catch a break with the problems with the Battlefield series. The patch addresses many issues that should improve game play and hold the hackers off for a bit before they adapt to the new patch with the hacks that continue to exist for the Battlefield series.

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