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Wii and DS put fun back in gaming

by on28 February 2008


Gameplay is all you need


Does anyone still remember Commodore/Atari/NES? You know – lousy graphics (if you can call it graphics), cheap sound (but excellent tunes) but most of all – great and innovative gameplay. In a time where you had no antialiasing, heck, you didn’t even have 3D; it’s the gameplay that really tied you to your TV, and developers did their best to spice it up.

Let us make one thing clear - we have nothing against ever-growing computer game violence. However, it tends to get a bit boring, and it’s good to know that there are remedies for that.

Thanks to the success of Nintendo Wii and DS and games such as “Nintendogs” and “Brain Age,” gamers  have seen beyond the hardcore shooters into the fresh pool of ideas. To paint the picture – Activision’s “Guitar Hero” has been so widely embraced, that many action games were put to shame.

Yours truly has never been a hardcore shooter fan, and it comes as a relief to just play a game where I have fun, not run for my life. From “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” (Nintendo DS, $34.99), “Endless Ocean” (Nintendo Wii, $29.99) to Atari’s “Downstream Panic” for PSP, it seems that puzzle and mild-action lovers can finally sit back and relax the way they used to.

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Last modified on 29 February 2008
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