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Father of Dungeons & Dragons dies

by on05 March 2008


Rest in peace, Gary


Gary Gygax, the man responsible for Dungeons & Dragons, died this Tuesday at age 69. His creation, Dungeons & Dragons, went on to become one of the most famous games ever, and successfully translated the magical realm onto our tables.

This game brought us what you once imagined while reading J. R. R. Tolkien’s books and it was Gary with his collaborator, Dave Arneson, who brought about this imagination world right before our eyes. Furthermore, if you’ve ever played any fantasy game on your computer, chances are that its rules are D&D-based.

Still, although the game had numerous rules, Gygax kept insisting that the most important rule was to have fun and actually enjoy playing in a social and collaborative environment. He never fully approved of switching to computers, because as he said, “ It’s being translated through a computer and your imagination is not the same way it is when you’re actually together with a group of people.”

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