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Is the HD DVD group manipulating numbers?

by on14 November 2007


Is this saga ever going to end?

The latest news on the high definition DVD front has the Blu-ray European Chairman saying that the HD DVD group has misrepresented their data.

According to Frank Simonis, the “attach rate” numbers that European HD DVD group recently released was a “gross misrepresentation of the data.” Chairman Simonis also went on to claim that the HD DVD group had manipulated the data by stating, “You can see this because they did not even supply access to their original source of the numbers.”

Thus, the war continues. Even though Sony’s Chairman expressed his desire to turn back time and come to some sort of an agreement on a unified format, it is too late. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and the stalemate will continue. We still have to wonder if all of this mud slinging has more to do with the number of HD DVD players sold for less than $100 last week than anything else.

From what people are saying now, HD DVD and Blu-ray are pretty equal in the market space, with the Blu-ray group enjoying a slight lead in released movies.

Last modified on 14 November 2007
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