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WoW Patch 2.4 is out, adds Arena Tournament

by on26 March 2008


Costs $20 to play for six weeks

Blizzard has launched the latest patch for World of Warcraft, and besides all the general stuff, as well as a new part of the game called the Sunwell, a new addition to the game has been added, Arena Tournament.

It's based around the 3vs3 arena games which you can play for free, but this is only for the serious gamers, as it will set you back US$20, €15 or £12 per six weeks of play. You also need to friends to play with, as the game play is based on teams of three players.

This might just sound like a way for Blizzard to squeeze more cash out of the game, but it turns out that if you're really good, you have the chance to win between US$75,000 and 120,000 in prize money, split among the three team members.

You don't use your in-game character, either, as you get to create up to three level 70 characters and kit them out with some of the best gear in the game and then take on the best players from around the world. The only thing we're wondering about is how much lag the Arena Tournament games will suffer from, as this could cause some concern for those located far away from the team they're facing.

The Arena Tournament will start on the 31st of March.

You can find out more about the latest patch here and more about the Arena Tournament here
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