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COD4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack is a bestseller

by on21 April 2008


Sold more than a million copies


Not only is Call of Duty 4 still in “the game” but it still hits the headlines with its records. Since it has been launched in November 2007, the game has sold more than 9 million copies, and that is a proof of this game’s popularity.

Nine days ago, a new set of maps was released under the name Variety Map Pack, and it already scored a record of the most paid downloads through XboX Live service. This pack sold over a million copies in just nine days. It features: Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown and Killhouse maps, and you can play them in two modes – Team Deathmatch or Objective.

Since these maps found their way online, there have been over 30 million games with about 30 million hours of gaming on the servers.

Last modified on 21 April 2008
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