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Maxtor 3200 external hard drives infected

by on16 November 2007


Now you can pay for the privilege of being infected

Seagate is letting consumers know that what it is terming as “small batch” of its Maxtor 3200 Basics external hard drives are infected with the “Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah” virus. According to Seagate, a Chinese subcontractor is at fault for the problem.

According to reports, the virus that is on these external hard drives is targeted at online games; it steals the passwords for these games and sends them to servers located in China. While the majority of the online game passwords that it is looking for are Chinese titles, it seems that the English version of World of Warcraft is also as risk. The virus can also disable virus protection software.

So far, Seagate is only suggesting that users scan the drive with the latest Virus protection software with the latest definitions. If you purchased a Maxtor 3200 Basics external hard drive, that would be a wise course of action. Seagate is providing a link to a 60-day trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 to help you with the task.

Last modified on 16 November 2007
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