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Dell to offer Solaris 10 on some PowerEdge servers

by on16 November 2007


Sun will work with Dell on the offering

Dell and Sun released a joint announcement today that Dell will be offering Solaris 10 on Dell PowerEdge servers. With this agreement, which will span multiple years, Dell will be supporting Solaris 10 in a relationship that is targeted to serve customers.

The agreement is a big win for Sun, as it could result in a larger market for the Solaris operating system. According to Sun, over 12 million Solaris licenses are in the market place and a good majority of them are not running on Sun hardware. In fact, when Sun started to dig into the situation a bit more they found that Dell hardware was the most popular non-Sun hardware that was running Solaris.

The agreement also calls for the companies to work together in the certification of hardware and the creation of products based on the Solaris partnership. The relationship between the two companies could really help both companies who want to try to capture more of the market space from companies that are already using the Solaris OS.

Last modified on 16 November 2007
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