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3 Layer spec comes to HD DVD

by on19 November 2007


More than triple the storage

The DVD Forum has announced that version 2.0 of the triple-layer HD DVD specification has received final approval. The triple-layer read only discs will be able to hold 51GB of data and with each layer holding 17GB of data. The 17GB per layer is more than the 15GB spec found in HD DVDs today.

To reach the 17GB per layer, Toshiba has cited advancements in making the recording pits smaller and advances in reproduction improvements which have been able make yields at the 17GB per layer possible. The triple layering has been on the agenda for development of HD DVD for some time and bests the current Blu-ray maximum storage per disc cap.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not the triple-layer HD DVD discs will be able to be played on existing Toshiba hardware. This is a big issue, since Toshiba just recently sold over 100,000+ HD DVD players recently at prices less than $100 in the U.S. Rumors and discussion about compatibility of the triple-layer HD DVDs with current players seem to indicate that the new 17GB per layer standard actually increases the reliability of the HD DVD discs over the 15GB per layer standard.

According to our understanding the HD DVD specification has specified from the ground up that drives had to be able to read triple-layer media, so it is logical to assume that even first generation players should have the ability to read the new triple-layer format, but a firmware upgrade might be required in order to achieve compatibility. In the past Toshiba has provided free firmware updates to improve both the performance and compatibility of its players.

Last modified on 19 November 2007
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