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More performance coming for Crysis players

by on20 November 2007


Nvidia is not the only one hard at work on improvements

As we reported yesterday, Nvidia is hard at work on driver improvements to enhance performance on their hardware.  ATI’s driver development team has their noses to the grind stone, as well, to deliver enhanced performance.

Our sources at ATI indicate that they have been working with the Crytek developers since early in the development of Crysis and continue to work with developers on a regular basis to enhance performance and correct issues with Crysis on ATI hardware.

Our sources also tell us that we should expect further performance enhancements to the ATI drivers around the same time that the first patch for Crysis is released. The first driver hotfix that was already released increased AA performance by 5-10 percent.

If the last hotfix was any indication, we are expecting another leap in performance on ATI hardware, as well.

Last modified on 20 November 2007
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