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HD DVD Free movie mania continues

by on20 November 2007


Buy a player from Amazon and get 10 free movies

It seems that the free movie mania for buyers of players in the HD DVD format continues to heat up. This time around you have to spend a bit more for the player, but Amazon is offering buyers an incredible offer on the HD-A3 third generation player for US$199, but for the extra $100 over the sub-$100 prices that we saw on the second generation players, you get an incredible 10 free HD DVD titles.

The deal works like this. You receive the movies 300 and the Bourne Identity in the box with your player, and you get to select three more titles from Amazon’s list of 23 selected HD DVD titles that will ship with your player. In addition, you are still eligible for 5 additional titles from the mail-in offer that Toshiba and Microsoft have been running. The list of 23 titles that Amazon has selected for this promotion offers a pretty diverse selection, including some recent favorites with a splash of older classics mixed in.

If you prefer, you can choose to upgrade to the higher performance HD-A30 or HD-A35 players and still take advantage of the 10 free titles offer. Of course the HD-A30 and HD-A35 do cost quite a bit more than the entry level HD-A3 player, but they do offer some additional features, including 1080 progressive output, which is lacking in the HD-A3 model.

With HD movies going for anywhere from US$15 to $30 per title, the advantage to select an extra three titles from such a diverse list does make this a pretty good deal, particularly when you take into account that you also are getting a third generation player, as well.

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Last modified on 20 November 2007
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