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Broadcom will not seek double damages

by on26 November 2007


Jury verdict finds Qualcomm guilty

Broadcom won a jury award from rival Qualcomm where Qualcomm was found to have infringed on three Broadcom owned patents. The jury awarded Broadcom $19.6 million in damages, and while it will accept the decision of the jury, Broadcom will continue to pursue an injunction against Qualcomm’s infringing patents.

Broadcom won double damages after the jury found that Qualcomm “willingly” infringed on Broadcom’s patents, which boosted the award to $39 million plus attorney’s fees. Broadcom says that it plans to tell the judge that will not seek a new trial, but rather that it will seek an injunction to prevent Qualcomm from selling its third generation WCDMS and EV-DO chipsets.

Last modified on 26 November 2007
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