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Norwegian liberals want to legalise file sharing

by on17 April 2007







Liberals unanimously back resolution

The Resolution
to legalize file sharing was proposed by Young Liberals of Norway, and supported by Vice Chairwoman of the Liberal Party, Trine Skei Grande.

She justified her decision stating that "It is wrong to make an entire generation of criminals, and we have yet to ensure artists' rights. We managed to make compensation models when the photocopier was invented, but we haven't managed to do anything about modern technology."

The liberals are also pushing for free sampling, banning DRM and a shorter commercial copyright life span. The Liberal party believes the Internet and file sharing could be utilized to provide access to culture around the globe at minimal cost. Wait a minute, culture ? It seems that Vice Chairwoman Grande never saw the filth one can access via torrents.

The Norwegian liberals, The Venstre are not a young and radical political party, they are in fact Norway's oldest political party. I am sure that Charlie D would join the party if he lived in Norway.

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