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Greenpeace bashes Nintendo

by on28 November 2007


First global brand to score "zero" across the board

Greenpeace environmentalists have published their latest Guide to Greener Electronics rankings, which brings some interesting results. A couple of months ago the organization  blasted Apple's iPhone for being one of the environmentally dirtiest phones on the market, and for containing chemicals which may "impair sexual development," whatever that means.

In the December issue of its rankings, Apple fares much better than it did back in the summer. It received a 6, thanks to new iPods and iMacs, which are supposed to be greener than the old models.

Sony Ericsson did great with a 7.7 mark, a tie with Samsung, which also got 7.7.

However, the December rankings included Nintendo for the first time, and we're guessing that the company is not really ecstatic about this. The company got the worst possible marks across the board. Greenpeace has nine criteria for judging a company's ecology friendliness, and Nintendo earned a zero in all categories.

Well, at least Philips and Microsoft have something to be happy about, since they are no longer at the bottom of the chart, thanks to the filthy Japanese toy maker.

You can see the scores on Greenpeace, here.
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