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Star Trek MMORPG will continue with mystery buyer

by on28 November 2007


Perpetual Entertainment forced to liquidate assets

Struggling San Francisco-based developer, Perpetual Entertainment, continues to be a victim of hard economic times and it has now reached the point where they have been forced to liquidate assets, including the eagerly awaited Star Trek MMORPG.

Earlier this year the developer announced that it would be putting Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising on indefinite hold to focus on the development of the Star Trek MMORPG , but it was later learned that the title had been canceled and that Perpetual did not expect to be able to recover any of the more than $9 million invested in the development of the title. While details are a bit sketchy at the moment, the current spin machine has it that the Star Trek MMORPG game has been purchased by a mystery buyer who is or is not connected to a media company.

According to these rumors the mystery buyer is looking to use the Star Trek MMORPG to get into the gaming market space. Reports also suggest that the buyer is perhaps looking to make the game more “casual” to attract more attention and players to the title. The change in course has not been a hit with some developers who have turned in resignations and have left the project. According to various reports, the majority of the management team at Perpetual is still in place.

The best news is that the project will continue and it does look as if the Star Trek MMORPG title will continue to move forward, but it is obvious that we should expect some changes.

Last modified on 28 November 2007
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