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Tech Report editorial questions AMD tactics

by on28 November 2007


Is AMD trying to turn editors against it?

Scott Wasson from Tech Report has written a very interesting editorial that questions the tactics and policies that AMD is using with the media regarding its products. Wasson is one of the most level-headed and even handed guys in this business, and for him to publicly call out AMD should make people take notice.

According to the editorial, his goal is to bring fair and unbiased reviews to readers rather than focusing on trying to get the scoop first. This means that Tech Report obtains its review samples directly from the manufacturers, rather than trying to short cut the process by obtaining and testing samples from vendors.

Wasson suggests that AMD does sometimes get a pass from many editors, as it is no secret that AMD has less money and resources than Intel. This is, of course, obvious, but even in the worst of times when AMD had Intel down for the count in the Prescott era, Intel was still sending out samples and providing editors with access to information and resources to write stories. “AMD would do well to handle its struggles with similar grace and class,” according to Wasson.

Read his entire editorial by clicking here.

Last modified on 28 November 2007
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