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Google finds you without GPS

by on29 November 2007


Mobile mapping software

mobile software from Google can find a person even if their phone does not have a GPS receiver. The new tracking feature means that users will not have to type a starting address when they turn to Google's maps for guidance.

"My Location" requires pressing zero on a mobile handset equipped with the new software and the sender's location shows up as a blue dot on Google's mobile maps. Unlike GPS, Google's tracking feature also works while handsets are indoors and drains less power from a phone's battery. It is not as accurate – between 400m to 5km of a user's location.

The tracking system's database currently spans more than 20 countries, including the United States, much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Russian Federation and Taiwan. It doesn't yet work in China or Japan.

It will work on most smart phones, including the Blackberry and the latest generation of Nokia handsets; but it will not work on the iPhone, Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack and Palm Treo 700w and other models.

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