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OCZ launches new thermal compound

by on04 December 2007


Branded Freeze Extreme


OCZ Technology has announced a new and unique thermal compound called Freeze. According to the press release it has higher heat conductivity than silver-based thermal pastes. This higher conductivity is achieved thanks to the use of, as OCZ's press release states, "proprietary formulation of thermally conductive ingredients."

OCZ's new Freeze can lower CPU core temperature by 10% when compared to silver-based compound. Of course ,OCZ got this result when compared to the OCZ Ultra 5+ silver thermal compound, which is not that bad, since OCZ Ultra 5+ had high praise from overclockers. According to the comment from Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ, this new thermal compound is based on a novel formula that is non-silver based and enviromentally safe, and it leads to low viscosity with high thermal conductivity, which is superior in performance even when compared to their own leading products.

OCZ's new Freeze will be sold in a 3 gram syringe, but the price and availability have not been announced yet.


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