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AMD showcased 3 GHz Phenom, pictured

by on22 August 2007


Games Convention 07: Plays Stranglehold in four cores

We had a chance to see AMD’s upcoming Phenom processor clocked at impressive 3GHz. We learned that the CPU was not that hot and it was cooled with a standard cooler and at the same time it was not running that hot. We didn’t had any sensors but we put our hand on it and felt the heath.


The demo system clearly showed that we are talking about 3GHz Quad core CPU and we were surprised to see Unreal Engine 3 based Stranglehold game to utilize all four cores of the Phenom.


AMD was kind enough to let us picture the system but due to secrecy reasons we were not allowed to use CPU-Z or additional tool as AMD didn’t want to show all the details about it.


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