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Intel to attack Nvidia?s EPP memory marchitecture

by on24 August 2007


Games Convention 07:
DDR3 performance profiles

Most of you might know a thing or two about Nvidia’s EPP standard and believe it or not Intel is doing the same thing for DDR3.

Sources close to Intel have told Fudzilla that Nvidia didn’t want to work with Intel or a EPP for DDR3 and intel simply did it. Nvidia’s EPP stands for Enhanced Performance Profiles while we believe that XMP stands for eXtreme Memory Profiles.    

XMP is Intels Memory specification also known as Intel Extreme memory and it will allow manufacturer to optimise the DDR3 peformance.

It will create the common performance specification for DIMM manufactures and at the same time will let the easily optimize performance of DDR3 memory on Intel’s platform.

X38 is the first chipset to support it and it looks like that there will be an application that will compete with Nvidia’s Ntune to let you play with the memory.

OCZ, Corsair and Kingston are the first one to launch such a memory while the others will follow. This marchitecture will also be available for SODIMM modules, so notebooks.

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