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Fusion brings a lot of confusion

by on25 August 2007


Games Convention 07: AMD needs to focus on the present

AMD has been talking about Fusion for more than a year now and we’ve confirmed several times that this chip will come in early 2009. This is the best case scenario and as you know this might slip.


Actually AMD is really confusing the public eye with Fusion, as a lot of people we talked about still doesn’t know what is the point of this chip. We know that AMD needs a low power GPU meets CPU synergy chip for ultra mobile PCs and Notebook as its cheaper to produce and you can make more money that way.

The biggest confusion is that this AMD talks and praises a paper design of a chip which is coming in 12 to 18 months from now. The first silicon of it is not even close, not to mention the production of such a device.

On the other hand we are sure that Chipzilla, aka Intel, will probably have something similar to that but it keeping its mouth shut. We believe that Fusion is supposed to get the investor communities interest as DAAMIT bleeds cash on a daily base.

We hope that AMD can get its present right and the future of Fusion won't mean that much confusion.

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