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World in Conflict optimized for notebooks

by on28 August 2007


We've seen it

We had a chance to see the highly anticipated World in Conflict game running on a gamers notebook and we've seen the mobile optimisations.

Intel worked with the game developers to optimize the game for the better battery life and the performance at the same time but the graphic driver doesn’t always listen to what the game wants. World in Conflict will show you the battery meter and how much longer can you play which is cool.

If you unplug a high performance notebook the frame rates will drop tremendously but the situation can be fixed by just plugging the notebook back.

Playing a 3D intensive game without a power plug is still a dream at least when we talk about the high end games and you would be happy to see 30 minutes gameplay on any 17 inch gamer’s notebook.

At the other hand such notebook is highly transportable compared to your gamers desktop and it can be easily transported to your friend’s house or even to school / University for some serious show off.

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