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Creative X-Fi Xtreme sells for ?37 only

by on02 March 2007


A great sound for the money

If you
were craving for good sound on your PC but you were a bit tight on your budget now it's the time to upgrade. 

You can swap your old dodgy sound card to X-Fi Xtreme Audio for as low as 37 euros. This card is equipped with Creative's latest audio processor and it has all the good features as 24bit playback/record, DTS and Dolby Digital support.

Creative also claims that it can restore the details and vibrance that your music lost during mp3 compression, using its own X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology. This audio card will be ideal for listening and recording music and watching movies. For gaming you'll have to move on to the other cards in Sound Blaster family, because this one doesn't have a game port. Not too many people need the game port but we warned you. You will also get a bulk version of the card, in an antistatic bag and with a driver CD but what more do you actually need. 

You can buy this card here. 



Your next choice could be the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music  and this one sells for €59 and includes a game port. This one also supports ASIO recordings with latency as low as one millisecond, up to eight different hardware effects, 24-bit SoundFont sampling, and 3DMIDI. Both of cards are a lot of sound for a little money.

You can buy this card here


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