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A bit of Panasonic plasma

by on17 April 2007




The Japanese like 'em big

You just got yourself a Playstation 3 ? You love movies and have a lot of free time and money on your hands ?

Panasonic might just have a product to suit your needs, the TH-103PF9, a full HD plasma TV. This colossal device easily dwarfs the finest Sumo wrestler. The screen measures 103 inches, the height of an average flat. Weight ? Almost five hundred pounds, or 220kg without the stand. With the stand ? Trust me, you don't wanna know.

Describing the technical specs of this thing is a waste of time. If you feel it lacks some features, you probably lack some expensive professional help. The price is as huge as the screen, around $90.000, well out of reach for most mortals. Watch out if you have a Wii, a flying controller in this screen might cost you quite a bit. I'm not thinking just about your money, but rather that cardiac arrest prone thing in your chest.

A full review of this beast can be found at trustedreviews, here



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