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Submariner Mp3 player from NU

by on29 June 2007

DCC 2007: 20000 leagues under the sea


The guys at the NU booth were showing off some products suitable for the rough waters of the Adriatic.

The first one was a 15,4" wireless waterproof TV with a range of 100 meters (line of sight). It uses 802.11/a/b/g to transfer video from a A/V device of your choice. In enclosed spaces the range drops to 30 meters, but it should be enough for most houses, even mansions.

If you're not into watching the TV while chillin' in your pool or jacuzzi, you can get something for the sport oriented consumer. The NU Dolphin waterproof MP3 player comes with a pair of crazy earplugs and two fluorescent strips to attach it to your swimming goggles. It's enclosed in an aluminum casing and with 1GB capacity it should provide you with enough music for a nice visit to the pool or some scuba diving in the waters of Split.


As you can see, the player spent most of its time in a glass full of water and it worked without any problems during the show.

The suggested price is 99 euros, which is not very cheap, but keep in mind it's a rather unique and high quality product which will no doubt win the hearts of many water loving geeks.



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