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AMD launches ATI USB TV Tuner

by on10 July 2007

ATI TV Wonder 600

AMD has turned ATI into a brand name for retail products and it's almost funny to see ATI being used to push a USB TV-tuner product. However, the new ATI TV Wonder 600 does have some merits to its name.

For now, this product is US only, as it supports the American ATSC Free-to-Air digital TV standard. To its defence, ATSC is already HDTV, something that DVB-T used in Europe is not as yet.

The TV Wonder 600 also supports analog TV or cable TV input. It comes with PVR software, a credit card sized remote control, a telescopic antenna and it connects via USB 2.0.

It should be available in the US some time in September.

You can find out more by clicking here

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