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GameSpot editors confused over dismissal

by on06 December 2007

Editors consider mass resignations

The dismissal of Editorial Director, Jeff Gerstmann, has caused GameSpot’s editors to feel confused and devastated. According to recent reports, many of the editorial teams are considering resigning in protest over the dismissal. While we understand their desire to make a point, we have to wonder what such an act would really prove, as most corporate cultures are slow to change. The company is now pitching the employees that the departure of Gerstmann was a mutual decision, but our sources indicate that this is simply not the case.

GameSpot has had a love/hate relationship with the public and vendors alike. It seems that either you love the reviews or you don’t. Vendors who receive positive reviews seem to sing the praises of the writing and reporting, but the same vendors can get pretty negative when the scores are not as high as the vendor thinks they should be. This is pretty much the same story, no matter what you read or where you get your content.

While editors are continuing to spill their guts about the situation at an alarming rate, we keep hearing and reading the accounts from various sources; and we have come to realize that GameSpot does have a serious problem on their hands. It will be interesting to see how management responds and what will happen with the editors.

You can read more here, and even more here.

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