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Apple to increase iPhone production

by on20 September 2007


To double in Q4?


According to Reuters, Apple plans to significantly increase production of its overhyped iPhone in Q4.

Cupertino plans to churn out some 2.7 million units next quarter, almost doubling the originally planned 1.54 million. With this production ramp up, Apple is set to produce a total of 4.8 million iPhones by the end of the year, instead of the originally planned 3.6 million.

The holiday season is approaching fast, and the iPhone is invading Europe's shores and stores in about three weeks time. If true, this would mean that Apple had grossly underestimated the demand, contrary to the beliefs of many analysts who claimed that the rushed price cut was a result of lackluster sales.

Apple has priced the iPhone at $536 for the European market, stating that the higher price is a way of compensating the higher cost of doing business on this side of the Atlantic.

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