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Creative announces Inpsire T6200 and T3200

by on01 October 2008


New 5.1 and 2.1 speakers

Creative has announced two new speakers which offer some new features. First up is the 5.1-channel Inspire T6200s and it seems like Creative has finally started to listen to customer feedback as these speakers have two new features that we haven't seen in the past.

First up, you can stack the rear speakers on top of the front speakers and although this isn't very good for the surround sound stage, it does at least allow you to store the speakers easily if you don't have room to keep your rear speakers set up at all times. Another handy feature is the fact that you now can attach a mic/headset into the volume controller, something we've been wanting to see for some time when it comes to PC speakers, as gamers often want to use their headset when they're playing online and this makes it a lot easier to attach it.

The speakers feature Creative's dual cone drivers and the center speaker can be placed on top of LCD displays with a special mount. The subwoofer is rated at 22W with the center speaker at 18W and the surround speakers at a total of 30W. The T6200's also support Creative's CMSS up-mixing technology which will allow for stereo sound sources to produce sound in all of the speakers rather than just the front pair and subwoofer.

The Inspire T3200, on the other hand, is a set of 2.1 speakers which is targeting a slightly different market, as this set has a combined MP3 player cradle and volume control. We're not sure how much this speaker set will appeal to the iPod crowd, as the design isn't up there with some of the fancier iPod speaker systems, but the 17W subwoofer and 6W satellites might be enough to persuade some potential buyers, especially those with a more generic MP3 player that doesn't feature a dock.

It's worth noting that the cradle doesn't charge your MP3 player, it's just a holder and you have to attach a cable to the headphone jack which is then fed into the AUX input on the cradle. Although Creative had designed the dock so that you could attach a data cable to the bottom of the player at the same time as it's playing music, so it can be powered while in use.

Both the Inspire T6200 and T3200 has only been announced in Singapore so far, but we'd expect them to appear in other markets shortly. The T6200's are priced at S$149 (€74), while the T3200's are priced at S$89 (€44) and both are expected to become available later this month.

You can find the T6200 product page here and the T3200 product page here.


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