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Nehalem to come to notebooks this year

by on19 March 2009


Clarksfield quad-core

Intel is planning a quad-core for notebooks based on its Nehalem mainstream refresh. The desktop mainstream Nehalem is known as Lynnfield, and the mobile version of the same chip is Clarksfield. This will be the first mobile Nehalem to hit the notebook market.

It will use a mobile version of 5 series M chipset and in might come out by the middle of the year. Clarksdale has four cores and eight threads and it will come with dual-channel memory support. It fits the Capella platform.

The second chip to fit this platform comes in early 2010, but it might start to produce in Q4 2009 and it is called Arrandale. This chip has a 32nm dual-core with four threads CPU and 45nm based integrated graphica core in multi chip package style. This can be seen as mobile version of the Clarkdale 32nm desktop CPU.

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