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AT&T offers subsidised netbooks

by on02 April 2009


Aspire and Dell laugh all the way to bank

AT&T has
announced it will begin offering subsidised netbooks by both Aspire and Dell.

The big idea is that the netbooks, which will change hands for between $49.99 and $249,99 will locking customers into long-term 3G data plans. The lineup includes an Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12, and LG Xenia. Normally punters would pay $449.99 to $599.99. AT&T will also offer subsidised full size notebooks from Lenovo starting at $749.99.

The contract ties you in for two years and will cost you about $60 a month, plus the cost of the notebook or netbook. According the press release, these deals are being trialled at select stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia only, but will likely extend to other markets eventually.
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