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MSI working AMD-based X-Slims

by on15 May 2009


Could appear later in the year

We found
out MSI has a couple of AMD Neo based X-Slim notebook in the works, but the details are sketch at the moment.

It seems MSI is working on the X410 and X610, both Yukon based. Both should be available with AMD IGPs, as well as discrete HD 4330 graphics with 512MB of memory. However, you won't find AMD chips in smaller models, probably due to unfavorable thermals. At this point we're not sure about dual-core Congo CPUs either.

No release date has been set, and all we know is that AMD-based X-Slims were originally planned for launch later in the year, probably late Q3 or early Q4. As this timefaime is quite a long way off, things could change, so take this with a grain of salt.

In any case, should MSI choose to launch AMD-based X-Slims, they will probably be a bit cheaper than Intel CULV-based SKUs.
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