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Acer showcases Android netbook

by on05 June 2009


Computex 2009: Will dual-boot to Android/Windows


Acer was showcasing their upcoming Android netbook on this year's Computex, but in the meantime we've learned that Acer's Android netbooks will come with Windows as well. Acer's chairman JT Wang, announced that Acer's recently announced systems will be dual bootable and while everyone, Mr. Wang included, is anxious to see how Android tackles this task, it’s evident that this is a wise decision, as Android's shortcomings will not affect Acer's margins.

Acer plans to cooperate with telecom providers and might even launch Android-only models, provided the demand is healthy, but it's unlikely that we'll see that happening until the Android proves itself. 

Unfortunately, this means that whether they like it or not, users will still have to cash out for the Windows license. So, Android driving netbook prices down will at least initially stay wishful thinking, and might very well result in quite the opposite, as long term maintenance costs might prove to be more costly than a simple choice of one or the other OS.



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