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ION is now cool for Core 2 and CULV

by on10 June 2009


Not only for Atom

Nvidia’s marketing powers can claim yet another important victory. Since the chip codenamed MCP79, ION and Geforce 9300M/9400M are the same thing, branding this same thing as ION is starting to become a desirable thing.

ION launched as a brand reserved exclusively for Atom based platforms including netbooks and nettops and now Nvidia is fine if you use ION for Core 2, CULV or other non-Atom based CPUs. Since the brand is successful, ION in the name might help companies to sell more products.

Nvidia gave companies a green light to use ION for non-Atom products and Nvidia's top brass has confirmed that “MCP79, ION and Geforce 9400M are the same thing” and the customer can decide which of the three names it wants to use. Since the first name is actually a codename customers usually go for ION or Geforce 9400M.

Apple is a big fan of Geforce 9400M as this brand implies that you might be able to play some games at Apple while notebook / netbook manufacturers prefer to call the same chip ION.

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