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First Calpella P55 chipset doesn?t support Braidwood

by on19 June 2009


Intel's new memory tech

Intel just oficially told its notebook partners that Calpella platform powered by P55 chipsets won’t support its new memory architecture codenamed Braidwood. P55 and Clarksdale quad-core are launching in Q3 2009 and these original models won’t support Braidwood.

Calpella Q3 2009 relies only on discrete graphics and Braidwood support will have to wait for P57 chipset that is scheduled to launch in Q1 2010.

Braidwood promises better responsiveness and faster boot time and this time, Intel plans to release 4GB to 16GB modules that should make the difference. Braidwood is a successor of not so successful Intel Turbo cache technology for Montevina platform, as like Braidwood it promised a lot faster computer that failed to happen. It slightly improved response and boot times, but only slightly.

Let’s hope this new technology will offer better results.  

Last modified on 19 June 2009
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