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1.6GHz mobile Clarksfield has a 45W TDP

by on06 July 2009



Intel is about to launch some rather hot mobile chips, and the upcoming Extreme Edition quad-core Clarksfield, the new Nehalem-based mobile chip, will end up with a saucy 55W TDP. Even the non-extreme edition CPUs will end up with a 45W TDP and this affect both 1.73GHz and 1.6GHz versions.

The brand is still unknown but Intel mentioned that some of them might get Core i7 brand and some, at least in desktop versions might be known as Core i5. We will have to wait and see but 45W is extremely hot for any kind of notebook. Intel warns that these CPUs should get very good performance and eight hyperthreaded cores while in the past, all quad-cores for notebook had at least 44W TDP.

45W is definitely not great for any kind of mobile processor.

Last modified on 06 July 2009
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