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Wireless guitar for 360 out of stock

by on10 December 2007


Sales and demand better than expected

Did you hope to find a wireless guitar for your Xbox 360 along with Guitar Hero III this holiday season? Well, we have bad news, because sales and demand for the wireless guitar for the Xbox 360 have been much better than expected; which has caused retailers to be completely out of stock on this popular item.

We have looked extensively and have been unable to purchase the wireless guitar for Xbox 360 at either brick and mortar locations or Internet retailers and e-tailers. The lack of availability has led to a booming market of sources on eBay that claim to have the wireless guitar for the Xbox 360 in stock. Therefore, proceed with caution, as the prices are high on eBay and complaints of not getting the item after paying for it are running rampant.  And remember, there is only so much eBay can do to help you recover your lost funds.

Sources claim that additional stock of the wireless guitar for the Xbox 360 are in production, but are unlikely to arrive before the end of this holiday season.

Last modified on 10 December 2007
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