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Norton goes to Leopard

by on12 December 2007


Symantec releases Anti-virus for Mac

has released Norton AntiVirus 11 for Leopard.

Among the improvements, Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac, which costs US$50, has a signature-based protection layer. This blocks malware and viruses that might be acquired as a result of downloading images, music and software. The software will remove worms and viruses that affect only PC users from Mac e-mail in order to prevent the user from inadvertently passing malicious files on.

Apple's computers have long been overlooked by malware writers, because it is difficult to get a viable penetration of their code. However, this has started to change, thanks to the popularity of iTunes. Virus writers are starting to create dual programs that will run on both Mac and Windows. One example of this was the malware program known as TrojanDNSChanger.
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