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RC 1 for Vista SP 1 out for testing

by on13 December 2007


Now the general public can have a look

Microsoft is going three for three by delivering Release Candidate 1 for Service Pack 1 for Vista today and opening up the testing to the general public. Those using Vista are eagerly awaiting Service Pack 1, which is said to address and fix a lot of the issues that users have been having with Vista. Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 yesterday and opened up the testing of Windows XP Service 3 Release Candidate to the public, as well.

SP1 will feature a roll up of all of the security updates that have been released for Vista so far. Some of the biggest highlights include network performance increases, file copy performance improvements, fixes to issues with multiple GPU configurations under Vista, and while it might not be considered an improvement, Service Pack 1 will include improvements and enhancements to the Vista anti-piracy measures that are already in Vista to close some loopholes that are allowing pirates to activate Vista.

Service Pack 1 for Vista is still on track for release during the first quarter of 2008, according to our sources. Those who want to get ahead of the curve can download the Release Candidate now for testing, but we would not recommend installing it without first making a full backup of your system. Over the next couple of days it will be interesting to monitor the feedback from users to get a better handle on whether or not Service Pack 1 for Vista will help Microsoft win the hearts and minds of techs and consumers who have been initially soured on Vista.

You can download the stand-alone Service Pack 1 for Vista Release Candidate 1 by clicking here.

Microsoft is also offering a second update option which allows you to download a small 348K applet that will utilize Windows Update to install Service Pack 1 for Vista Release Candidate 1. You can download the applet by clicking here.

Last modified on 13 December 2007
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