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Liquid MetalPad

by on15 April 2007

Preview: with home made cooling

We had a chance to test Innovatek's Cool Laboratories Liquid MetalPad. These thin metal films are a substitution for standard heat conducting grease, are supposed to be better.


As you can see, the film is really thin, and we can add that it is very fragile. We recommend using tweezers, so you wouldn't contaminate it with your fingers.


The film is extremely fragile.

We wanted to see can we find a new way or using these pads. We started cutting it and modeling it to fit the GPU and RAM chips.


You can see small fragments of the pad on the RAM chips. Again, beware - the film will fly off the card even if you breathe in its direction. 


After the installation yesterday, the film hasn't yet burned in. Once the burn-in process finishes, it should form a mass that should "glue" the memory heat spreaders to the memory.

We are still waiting the burn in process to finish. While you are waiting for the full review, please take a look at a few shots of the graphics card we are using to test the film.



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