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Replacement for thermal grease

by on20 April 2007


The tools

Before working with the MetalPad, be sure that you have closed all doors in the room. The film is extremely light and very gentle. Of course, a clean table is a must.


Here is most of the hardware we used. A sharp knife is also a must, and toilet paper is used to check if there are any leaks from the water cooling system. 


Before you start cutting, it is a good idea to take measurements.

After opening the package, you will find a manual and the film. We would recommend using tweezers when it comes to manipulating the film. Especially if a corner of the film bends, don't try to correct it with your fingers, because the folded part will surely fall of.


We wanted to use the film on our graphics card GPU and memory. Before we could apply it, we had to cut it.


Try to use most of the surface – measure as precise as possible


The biggest heater – the mosfet was a big problem. Because the film piece was very small, even breathing in the vicinity it blew it away.


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