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Zotac Geforce 8500GT SLI vs 8600GT

by on11 June 2007


Review: Zotac 8500GT twins in action


Today for the first time we are showing results of two Geforce 8500GT cards in SLI. The Geforce 8500 GT is the cheapest card in Nvidia's DirectX 10 series of products so far and it will be interesting to see the performance of these cards in SLI. The Geforce 8500 GT cards are clocked at 450 MHz for the core and 800 MHz for the memory. However, we tested Zotac's 8500GT cards which are clocked at 700MHz, way higher than the reference board, while the memory is clocked at the reference speed of 800MHz.



Aside from the factory OC-ed core, the main feature of Zotac's 8500 GT card is its 128-bit memory bus with 12.8GB/s of bandwidth and 16 Stream Processors. You can check out a detailed description of it here in our review of the card. Image


Zotac bundles one DVI to HDMI dongle in the box. Besides that you can get an S-Video and component video cable and a drivers CD.

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